Riding in a break – Working over a lone rider

Working over a lone rider in a break

Scenario: You’re in a 3-man break with a team mate. How can you work together to make it difficult for the lone rider?

Making it difficult

Sitting second wheel to your team mate and with the lone rider on your wheel, allow your team mate to ride/attack off the front. Whilst they do that, you soft-pedal, thus allowing a gap to open. This may force the lone rider to waste energy chasing, thus allowing you to jump onto their wheel and get an easy ride across to your team mate. Alternatively, if the lone rider does nothing, it allows your team mate to ride away.

The risks

  • This tactic can split up team mates; if the opposing rider is stronger than you are, you could become isolated as he jumps to your team mate
  • The break can lose time to the main bunch if you spend too much time employing this tactic

Things to consider

  • Ensure the break has a good lead over the bunch
  • Think about the following: What is the lone rider there for? Are they just there to mark a move? Are they waiting for a team mate to come across? Or are they just hoping to gain time? The answer might affect the way you ride against that lone rider
  • Use the course to maximise you gains, attack out of corners, or over the crest of the hill
  • Can you talk the lone rider into working with you?
  • Is the lone rider starting to fatigue? If so, that may be your cue to attack




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