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Total Cycle Coach Riders Feedback…

“ I’ve been riding for 4 years but after only 6 months with Colin I am without doubt the fittest, strongest and fastest I have ever been. Colin has structured my training programme around my available training time and my work/family commitments. The feedback sessions are excellent and Colin uses these to adjust the training programme and the first question he always asks is how am I feeling? Such an important starting point!!! I chose Colin because I wanted to train with power, the sessions are so focussed that Colin makes every minute count and is always available to explain or answer any questions as to how the sessions should be completed. Some of the sessions take you to your limits, which is so important for development but Colin always factors in recovery weeks to keep you fresh. I am looking forward to the next 12 months under Colins guidance just to see what I can achieve be it club rides, strava segments or racing.”

Ian T

“ Having never trained in conjunction with a coaches guidance before I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I have found Total Cycle Coach to be fantastic. The initial questionnaire about me and my traits really allows Total Cycle Coach to set you a training schedule that is truly bespoke to you. You also gain access to the Training Peaks programme which enables you to view your training calendar and leave feedback from your sessions. The great thing about Total Cycle Coach is the approachability and the fact that there is no pressure, so you can push yourself as much or as little as you like and Total Cycle Coach will work with you to help you fit the training time you have available in around life’s other commitments to allow you to reach your goal.”

Jen E – Wales

“ I’ve worked with several coaches but none came quite as close to Colin – he is genuinely interested in helping me become the best cyclist I possibly can. His structured training program has taken me from a mediocre to a stronger cyclist – within a few months, I was riding faster, longer, climbing hills with stronger legs and more confidently – and the training program wasn’t even punishing – it’s about Colin understanding each of his athlete and designing a program that works for each individual. He definitely did that for me, but more importantly, Colin brings a lot of heart in his coaching – by that I mean he truly cares about my well being as an athlete.

He listens intently and is extremely patient. Despite our distance (he’s in the UK while I’m in the US), he has managed to bridge our geographical distance by providing easy access to him either via a call or email, responding quickly and addressing any questions, doubt or struggles I have concerning my training and sporting performance. He has the most amazing ability to encourage and help a weary athlete up on his/her feet every time. Colin is awesome that way. I certainly attribute my progress as a cyclist to Colin’s great work.”

Algeline T – USA

“The coaching with Total Cycle Coach was very effective and well structured. Every session was well thought out and was focused on that goal for that part of the season, and the follow up was very useful as you can see what needs changing and how to improve. For me, it accelerated my progress and gave me the ability to compete at an increasingly high level and achieve my goal of getting into the Talent Team. The discussions on technical parts of racing were also extremely useful as they gave me different things to try and a potential improvement.

I would recommend Total Cycle Coach to anyone and think that it would help anyone to improve their cycling a lot.”

Fabian B

“Total Cycle Coach gave my son an excellent start to structured training. Based on his goals for the year (overall development goals and specific events), the programme was shaped to allow him to control his own training. It gave him the discipline to train regularly and when to rest. Really useful weekly calls and occasional attendance at certain races by Total Cycle Coach then reinforced the message on how the programme was designed to achieve those goals.

The main goal, to get a place on the British Cycling Development Programme, was achieved.

Job done!”

Mark B

“I found out about Total Cycle Coach via “Rather Be Cycling’s” Gav, and decided to contact Col back in January to see if he could help with my training over the coming year, having begun a comeback the previous year after almost 30 years off the bike. I felt I needed direction with my training rather than just doing a lot of work for little appreciable gain. Some of the previous references on the Total Cycle Coach web site seemed to indicate that various previous customers had gained from using Col’s services, so I took the plunge and got in touch via email.

I explained to Col what my main targets were for the coming season, namely a week-long tour in the French Alps closely followed by Etape 1, and he agreed he could help me. I chose to go for a training plan that gives a monthly outline with detailed weekly plans and a weekly telephone call to monitor things.

In the space of 4 months, my weight has dropped by over a stone, and I can feel my strength, stamina and endurance, as well as my climbing ability, increasing at a gradual pace. The benefits of having a structured training plan are far reaching. Not only is my training based upon a structured plan, therefore encouraging me to train when at times I may not have always felt like it, but it also reduces stresses and strains that risk injury or infections due to being over trained and stressed, by gradually building up with lots of ‘easy’ miles in between the various interval sessions.

In short, I thoroughly recommend Col for anyone who wants to get more out of their training.”

Ian M – Newcastle

“I’ve known Colin from Total Cycle Coach for a while but, as I am an experienced cyclist, I never thought I’d use a coaching service. But after a long term injury, Colin offered to help when I couldn’t regain my form. He restructured the way I train to suit my lifestyle and injuries and set me goals and targets that worked to both my strengths and weaknesses. I’m now riding better than ever. I’d recommend Total Cycle Coach regardless of ability. Plus it’s nice to work with people who LOVE cycling. Cheers Col.”

Alan B – Manchester

“Professional, effective, tailored coaching …… Total Cycle Coach’s support, programmes and follow up have helped me make massive progress towards achieving my cycling goals …….. wish I had met them years ago!”

Gavin M – Cumbria

“When going on a lion hunt you really the need the best folks with you. Choose them carefully and get them to help you realise your dream. Dreams are what make us who we really are and so when I decided to challenge some old, old road records I spoke with Colin. Finding a coach who really is able to be sympathetic, energetic and enthusiastic is not easy. Finding one who is brilliant is nigh on impossible…except you can now. If you need a coach, stop, go no further – the search finishes here – all you have to do is put in the work………easy eh?”

Jez H – Scotland

“After 20 years of racing without a coach, I have been using Total Cycling Coach for a year and my training has been revolutionised and I’m now competitive and getting results in road races where I used to get dropped. My training programme is varied, interesting and definitely effective in giving me the edge on the competition at crucial times in the race. Total Cycling Coach has a flexible and supportive style and has helped me identify and achieve my goals in my target events.”

Graham A – Lancaster