In the break: How to respond to being worked over

The Scenario:

You are in a break with two other riders, both of whom ride for the same team.

Clearly this is not a good situation to be in; as it stands you would not be favourite to take the win. However there are strategies you can use to help ‘level the road’ and potentially swing the odds in your favour.

What will happen is that the two riders will take it in turns to attack you. Their plan will be either to tire you out by forcing you to chase or to make you give up the fight for 1st place and hope you will settle for 2nd in the sprint.


What you can do:

Respond to attacks quickly. This will reduce the amount of time you have to chase for, allowing you to conserve energy for the final sprint. The longer you think about chasing, the further you will have to chase and the more energy you will use up.

Decide which of the other two riders is the weaker. When this rider attacks, do not chase 100%; save your energy for chasing the stronger rider. Slowly increase the tempo, aiming to keep the weaker rider in sight, potentially allowing you to jump across to them later in the race.

Allow the weaker rider to go up the road in the hope that they will Over The Counter Viagra blow and you will just ride up to them at the same tempo you are currently riding at.

Take the stronger rider ‘off the back’. Sit 2nd wheel behind the weaker rider and allow a gap to open This should force the stronger rider to ride past you to get to his/her teammate and you can then jump their wheel and be taken across. This may force the stronger rider to use energy that could otherwise be saved for the sprint.

Play with the stronger rider’s head. Allow the weaker rider to ride away whilst pointing out that ‘it’s a shame the strongest rider won’t win’, or something similar. This may force the stronger rider to chase his/her teammate thus expending energy whilst towing you across.


Be aware of your strengths

Look for opportunities to use your strengths; look for terrain that favours your style of riding or parts of the course you could take advantage of. The other riders could become overconfident, as they outnumber you 2 to 1 and may not be expecting you to attack. So look for anything that you could use to gain an advantage: a climb, a change in wind direction or one of the other riders drinking, and take this as an opportunity to launch your attack.