Defending a position in a bunch


The foundation stone to a successful race is the defending of a good position within the bunch. A good position is key to launching an attack, a good position is key to responding to an attack, a good position is key to getting over the climb in a strong position and a good position is essential if the race comes down to a sprint.

Failure to defend a good position in the bunch will mean that you will continually be on the back foot during a race, continually responding to the decisions and actions of others and ultimately unable to realise your strengths and achieve success.

How to do it

Defending a position involves preventing another rider moving up through the bunch, past you and into a position in front of you. This can be done through subtle movements, for example positioning yourself closer to other riders or closer to the kerb.

Essential skills signs of low testosterone

To successfully defend a position in the bunch you will need to be very confident at riding close to other riders, you will need to be able to bump elbows or shoulders with another rider and be confident enough not to flinch. You will need to be able to relaxed when someone bumps into you and be able to hold your line when this happens. So it’s essential that you practice these skills as this will ensure that you can ride safely in the bunch.


  • Contact could be dangerous if you are not a confident rider or if it is used against less experienced riders
  • Riders could ‘over respond’ pushing back and resulting in a dangerous situation

What to look for

  • Watch out for riders moving past them in the bunch
  • Look for obstacles on the course as positioning in the bunch will change here and those changes in position can be used to box in other riders